Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cuts - Part two

On the agenda of next week's Ashton and Bryn Township Forum was an item on the Big Reward. This scheme was to make available capital funds in each Township in the current financial year. This scheme was to seen as an important opportunity to support partnership working in communities and the Ashton Bryn Township was to receive £76,000 which local groups could have bid for.

I have just learned that this scheme also has been cancelled because of the cuts.

Cuts - Part One

I have just learned that free swimming scheme introduced by Andy Burnham is to be axed as part of the cuts in Local Government expenditure. The health and fitness boosting scheme is deemed to to have been a failure by Coalition Ministers as according to them it did not attract enough new regular swimmers. The scheme will end in July and will save £40 million.

As chair of the Adult Health Committee I find this announcement particularly disappointing. This area suffers from a particularly poor health record and I saw this scheme as one way that people could improve their fitness

As for it not attracting enough people that is now what I saw at our newly refurbished local baths where people were queueing to get in every time I went there. It will be a blow to the 50,000 residents who have been enjoying these free sessions and especially for those on low incomes who will find it difficult to go swimming on a regular basis.