Friday, 1 November 2013

Jubilee Park - action to be taken

 A Multi-Agency meeting was held this morning at the Fire Station in order to deliver immediate action to support the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) at Jubilee Park.

The following actions were agreed:
·         Brick walls to be  repaired by WLCT (1/11/13)
·         All gates will be locked during winter and only one opened at dawn (from 1/11/13)
·         Play area to be locked at dusk (from 1/11/13)
·         Hedges to be cut back to a lower level (1/11/13)
·         Operation Stay Safe stay to knock on and mediate with residents (1/11/13)
·         Operation Stay Safe to deliver letters to residents explaining the locking of the park gates and play areas at dusk (only one gate will be left open)
·        Greater Manchester Police (GMP) will  apply for Section 30 Dispersal order for the park and surrounding areas.
·         Restorative Justice and Voices of Engagement in the park (1/11/13) to engage and attempt to gain intelligence from young people.
·         GMP will increase presence in the park and areas over the weekend.
·         Restorative Justice will visit local schools next week based on intelligence from engagement
·         Rapid deployment CCTV to be installed (1/11/13) on Wigan Road to cover main entrance.
·         Media statement placed on LA website informing residents park about the above actions being locking etc.
·         Letter already sent to local residents regarding safe storage of wheelie bins