Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Labour Cabinet decide not to sell land for planned factory megasite

Last Thursday the Labour Cabinet decided against selling 1.6 acres of council owned land to Patrick Properties. who wanted to build industrial units there. This will effectively freeze any further development on the South Lancs Industrial Estate.

I always maintained from the moment I first saw this development that it was inappropriate for the people of Ashton. It would have done nothing for the area except to cause more congestion and pollution in return for a few jobs.

The M.A.D. group must be very pleased with this decision. They have spent a year campaigning,organising public meetings in Ashton and Bryn and standing in Ashton town centre Ashton every Saturday to convince residents to oppose this development.

I would like to think that we can now move forward and find some other use for the land that would be beneficial for the whole community

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Miners march through Ashton

While I was doing some research for Ian McCartney to commemorate his twenty years as MP I came across this photo of miners,trades unionists and members of the public marching through Ashton to stop the pit closures proposed by Michael Heseltine in the late eighties. I found it interesting because as well as being a good photo it captured a moment that will never be repeated. As I remember it the march ended up in Stubshaw Cross Labour Club.

Were you or members of your family in this photo? If so I would like to hear from you

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Did you go to Captains Lane when it was a youth club?

At last month's AGM the trustees decided to rename the Captains Lane Youth and Community Centre. It will now be called Captains Lane Community Centre to reflect more accurately its present function of offering a facility to the whole community.

During the meeting it was suggested that we hold a reunion for young people - as they then were - who used the centre when it was a youth club.

If you are interested in having such a reunion please contact me on this blog phone Dave McKendrick on 712385.

News from Captains Lane - Part one

Members of Captain's Lane Centre met on Wednesday last to mark the
contribution of a Jack Sudworth to the work of the Centre.

Jack joined the Management Committee of Captain's Lane Centre in 1998, and
was elected Chair in 1999, continuing in office until 2005, and retiring as
Trustee earlier this year. Throughout his tenure he has been a key influence
in the development of the Centre from its earlier years as a Council-run
youth club, to its present position as an independent community centre
serving the people of Ashton-in-Makerfield.

He has combined his work as Trustee with roles in other community
organisations in Ashton and Wigan, notably the Ashton Community Forum, Wigan
Council for Voluntary Youth Service, and Ashton's Festival Committee.
Because of the latter, it was felt appropriate to present Jack with a
portrait of Ashton Library, painted by Chris Ball , a member of Ashton
Art Group.

The substantial contribution made by Jack to the management of Captain's
Lane Centre will be missed, but fellow Trustees wish him well and hope his
valued leadership of the Festival Committee will long continue.

Massive improvements to toilets in Princess Road

Following our campaign to improve the toilet facilities in Princess Road I am happy to report that the following action has been taken:

1. Flaking paintwork has been removed and the walls have been repaired
2. Internal wood work has been painted and graffiti removed
3. Tiled wall and floor has been cleansed with a power washer
4. Damaged floor tiles have been replaced
5. Electrical hand drying machines have been installed
6. A baby changing shelf has been installed
7. Air fresheners are now used

In addition to these improvements the Council aims to pilot the dispensing of free sanitary towels for a period of 3 months and to provide a disposal service.

Other improvements will include:

1. the toilet will now be open until 6.00 p.m
2 the toilets will be cleaned and inspected at least once a day

I would like to thank Ann Rampling and Wigan Council for the part they have played in this massive improvement to a much needed facility for Ashton