Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Massive improvements to toilets in Princess Road

Following our campaign to improve the toilet facilities in Princess Road I am happy to report that the following action has been taken:

1. Flaking paintwork has been removed and the walls have been repaired
2. Internal wood work has been painted and graffiti removed
3. Tiled wall and floor has been cleansed with a power washer
4. Damaged floor tiles have been replaced
5. Electrical hand drying machines have been installed
6. A baby changing shelf has been installed
7. Air fresheners are now used

In addition to these improvements the Council aims to pilot the dispensing of free sanitary towels for a period of 3 months and to provide a disposal service.

Other improvements will include:

1. the toilet will now be open until 6.00 p.m
2 the toilets will be cleaned and inspected at least once a day

I would like to thank Ann Rampling and Wigan Council for the part they have played in this massive improvement to a much needed facility for Ashton

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