Monday, 15 August 2011

New proposals for waste collection

Wigan Council’s Cabinet will this week (18th August) consider proposals to modernise the borough’s refuse collection and recycling services.This is a response to the demand from Central Government that it has to make £66 million of cuts in the next four years. The following will be considered:

1 Black bins would be emptied one week, and food and garden waste the next from all properties, all year round. Householders would also enjoy greater choice in recycling services. Residents will have the option of using their black bin to recycle food waste if they so wish - see para 3

2.Following a successful trial involving 7,500 households, the council will soon roll out improvements to its paper collection service by providing all households with the option of a blue bin which will also take cardboard and drinks cartons. This will run on a four-weekly collection.

3.Under the arrangements being proposed, green bins will be collected fortnightly all year round rather than a break for winter, and take green waste and food waste. Households with green bins would be given plastic caddies and compostable caddy liners to put their food waste in before transferring it to the green bin.

4.Disposing of food waste through the black bin means it is going to costly landfill and the council will be urging residents to put all their food waste in their green bin/food caddy to save money and reduce greenhouse gases.

5 Households without green bins would be given the same kitchen caddy and liners as green bin households, plus a larger outdoor caddy to put their food waste out for collection. These properties would have their collections using the same crew and vehicles as those with green bins, with collections every other week.

6.The brown bin service would continue as present. This service already provides a greater opportunity to recycle more plastics than the majority of neighbouring authorities which only collect plastic bottles for recycling.

7. As I understand it these proposals will be reviewed after a year

I would be interested in any comments you may have about these proposals.