Friday, 16 November 2012

Another shambles from this shambolic Government

In case anyone noticed there was an election yesterday for Police and Crime Commissioner. This election cost the country £100 million. The turn out in Wigan was 11% and without the postal vote it would probably have been half that.

Now normally I would bang on about how everybody should vote in an election because unlike many countries in the world we are privileged to live in a democracy. However, on this occasion I am siding with the 89% who didn't turn out. Very few people knew who they were voting for and what a Police and Crime Commissioner does. My mother  who is 89 has always voted and asked me where she could find the names of the candidates. I told her to look on the net. But she does not have the net like many people of her age. She  was so disgusted with this lack of information - not surprisingly  she does like to  know who she is voting for - that for the first time in years she did not vote.  Her feelings were replicated up and down the country.

This shambles is typical of this Tory led Government. They have a policy, work it out on the back of a fag packet and then watch as it goes belly up. David Cameron  who called this election has shown an utter contempt for the electorate and they have in turn given their verdict.

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Anonymous said...

The shambles was caused by thirteen years of Labour misrule.
However that is no excuse to waste another hundred million pounds on these unessesary elections, that no one wanted.