Wednesday, 6 December 2006

The Ruddy Duck

At recent council meetings the subject of 'The Ruddy Duck' was discussed in depth.

The ruddy duck was introduced into Britain some 50 years ago and is now seen as a threat to native duck species e.g the white duck. It has been suggested there should be a cull of the ruddy duck because it will create a hybrid species and eliminate the indigenous duck population in much the same way that the grey squirrel has become the dominant squirrel over the red squirrel.

As councillors we have to decide whether a cull should take place.

Now I am not an expert on ducks and I must be guided by expert opinion in the field. I understand that the RSPB and other nationally respected bodies favour such a cull. However at the meeting we were told by a local ornitholgical group that the data used by the RSPB and others is out of date and consequently no cull is necessary.

I along with other members have asked the cabinet to look again at this matter and obtain the latest data.

I would be very interested to hear comments from readers and especially those with an interest in the subject matter.


Anonymous said...

This is all very well but its too little too late. Where were you Concillors during the cull of the Chuffing Chaffinch?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nigel

I am concerned that you are going against New Labour and the party line, do you expect to be de-selected at your next election in 3 years?