Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Tidying up Ashton

Last Saturday Ashton Labour Party organised a clean up around the Congregational Church in Hilton Street. Ten members took part and in two hours collected a considerable amount of rubbish. Just by chance the Congregational Church were expecting a visit the next day from one of their leaders and so they were very happy to see us cleaning up the area.

The one striking thing about those who took part in the clean up was the average age - at a guess around 60. Members were saying that we would love to have seen more younger people - 50 and below - helping us. So here is a plea to groups and residents in Ashton. Do you want your area tidied up and are you willing to help us? If so please contact me to make the necessary arrangements.

The Council also run a Beat it scheme at different times of the year.The aim is to tidy up grot spots within Ashton. The next time the Beat it team will be in Ashton will be from the 15th to the 19th January. Please let me know if there is anywhere you know of that needs cleaning up and I will pass it on to Wigan Council.


Anonymous said...

'Well done' for the local Labour Party in cleaning up this eyesore. Another area of Ashton that needs sprucing up is the footpath leading from Gerard Street (opposite the 'King's Arms') past the school down to Millingford Grove, and through to the old Police Station. When will Ashtonians learn to take their litter home or deposit it in a bin? Continental towns and cities are notable for their absence of litter - pity that so many of our fellow-citizens are such slovens.

Anonymous said...

Well Done to everybody concerned. It's good to see local people working in their community to make things better.