Tuesday, 3 April 2007

The South Lancs Industrial estate - update

The Cabinet decided at the meeting last Thursday to postpone the decision to dispose of Council land to the developers for another two months. The reason for this decision was that they wanted more time to consult local Councillors and for the developers to give the Council information they had been been asked for.

I, together with Ian McCartney, have asked the Cabinet to consider an alternative use for the land in line with the proposals made by the Stubshaw Cross Residents Association. Their plan is to make this beautiful part of the area more accessible to residents and local visitors by creating a path through the wood and installing benches and bird hides in the area.

I would welcome any comments readers have about this scheme.

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Anonymous said...

This is more in line with the councils green policy.

The press reports that the council are encouraging children to plant trees, but what we see here is the council ready to give developers permission to concrete over THOUSANDS of trees.

This wooded area is ideal for a local beauty area or an educational area for young children.

The council have a genuine opportunity to show the people of Ashton that they are serious about the environment by giving the land to the people of Ashton and not to greedy developers.