Monday, 16 April 2007

Local Elections 3rd May 2007 - introducing Ann Rampling

The Labour party's candidate this year is Ann Rampling. I first met Ann in 2002 when like a lot of people in Ashton her house was flooded - twice She was not just content to let the Council and United Utilities get on with the job of cleaning up the mess. She wanted action to stop the flooding happening again and organised a well attended public meeting on Town Green off Bolton Road. I together with Ian McCartney attended that meeting in the pouring rain which led to further public meetings at Stubshaw Cross Labour Club and then to the setting up of the Makerfield Sewer Residents group which meets on a regular basis with representatives of the Council, United Utilities and the Environment Agency. However the main achievement of Ian McCartney and the group was to secure millions of pounds worth of investment to improve the sewer system in Ashton. The work is still going on today and should be finished in June.

Another of Ann's campaigns is to get the Council to clean up the toilets in Princess Road - otherwise known as White City. She has spent several weekends on the Gerard Centre asking people to sign her petition which was presented to the Council. The toilets are now being re-furbished.

If Ann is elected on May 3rd Ashton will get a Councillor who will speak passionately for the town and get things done.


Anonymous said...

I know you think I`m a CAP voter Nigel but as far as Ann is concerned you are wrong. If Ann wins she will make a good councillor for the people regardless of politics and I would look forward to working with her.Ray..

Cllr Nigel Ash said...

Thank you for your comments anonymous Ray. I will pass them on to Ann