Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Local election results

Here are the local election results for Ashton

Walter Carney
Community Action Party 1423 Elected
Ann Rampling Labour 1258
Marie Winstanley Conservative 256
Violet Haslam British National Party 195
Spoilt Ballot Papers 0

Electorate: 9117 % Poll: 34.35
Community Action Hold

The Labour Party in Ashton worked very hard during the campaign leafleting and doorstep canvassing. Naturally we were very disappointed with the result on the night. However it must be remembered that in 2004 Walter Carney had about an 800 majority. We have cut this down to 165.

We will be working hard from now until next May to try and win the seat for Labour in the 2008 elections.

I would be interested to receive comments from anybody who voted ( or didn't vote) in these elections and especially if you were previously a Labour voter but didn't vote for us this time.

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