Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Expansion of flower planters in Ashton

I received some good news last week. The number of flower planters to be supplied in Ashton town centre this year will be increased to 20. They will be sited from Ashton Library and along Bryn Street up to and including Ashton town hall. There is also a a proposal to fund additional planters on the outside wall of the market on Garswood Street and at the junction of Wigan Road and Gerard Street. Furthermore 25 businesses will be supplied with hanging baskets and brackets and two large planters will be placed at either side of the entrance to the Gerard Centre.

Everybody I spoke to last year said how much they appreciated the flowers around the town and Wigan Council's decision to expand the number of planters will be especially welcome.

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pbp said...

I agree. Not only have the streets been improved by the provision of funds to local councillors by Wigan Council through the "Brighter Boroughs" scheme, but residents and other groups have cleaned up areas and planted flowers and trees to brighten up the town. It is annoying that certain local councillors (from the chameleon party?) continually try to take credit for the work of the Council and local residents.