Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Expect the unexpected

Every Councillor will tell you that their work is never done and you are on call 24 hours a day. I was just settling down to watch a recording of the Bill last Wednesday night when I got a phone call from a resident - Bolton Road and Bryn Road were flooded and could I come down to help.

So one moment I was lying comfortably on my sofa at home and the next I was paddling through the brown stuff in Bryn Road South. Although the incident in question was a one off and hopefully will not be repeated it was severe enough to close Bryn Road South and flood houses in Bolton Road.

I have been lucky enough never to have been flooded but for those residents who have had their houses ruined by flood water last week's incident had a deep effect on them. It brought back all the feelings of despair, panic and loss that they experienced during the flooding of 2002 and clearly these feelings have never left them.

So to miss an episode of the Bill is a minor inconvenience compared to what residents of Bryn Road South and Bolton Road experienced last week and I hope I helped in some way on that night.

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pbp said...

Surely this is an arguement for the limiting of further expansion in Ashton? Until we are sure that the sewer system can take further strain we should not be adding to industrial expansion (eg. South Lancs Industrial Estate) or more housing.