Tuesday, 22 May 2007

What's going on - part 3

Now that we know that the official opposition to the Labour Party in Wigan is called the Democratic Alliance ( an alliance of the Community Action Party and the three remaining Liberal Councillors ) I think those interested in local politics might like to look at a brief history of the opposition in Wigan over the past two years.

In 2006 just before the local elections three Community Action Party candidates left the party. Two of them, Claire Daignton and Councillor Brian Merry went to a newly formed party called Community Performance First. Councillor Gary Wilkes went independent.

In 2007 Councillor Brierly left the Community Action Party and stood for the Community Performance First Party in the local elections - he lost. After the elections Liberal leader Robert Splaine and Liberal Councillor Hayley left the party to go independent. Councillor Hodgkinson left CAP also to go independent. I must not forget the two Liberal Councillors who went to Australia but did not bother to tell their constituents or Wigan Council who were paying them up to not so long ago.

So we now have in the Council chamber five independent Councillors sitting opposite the Democratic Alliance who number 13 in total and behind the Independent Councillors sit 10 Conservative Councillors. It is also worth noting that without the Liberals there would be 10 CAP Councillors.

Confusing isn't it?

There is a rumour going round that the Peoples' Front of Ashton are going to put up a candidate in the next election - or was it the Ashton Peoples' Front? If anyone out there has any more information about this please let me know.

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pbp said...

Didn't Councillor Gary Wilkes also join the 'Community Performance First' Party before they were rumbled and the three councillors went independent in the middle of an election?

I see that the CPF Party fielded candidates at the recent election, so it isn't defunct. Will Brian Merry and Gary Wilkes rejoin it? Will Don Hodgkinson feel the migratory urge again? And will the CAP rump avoid further splits? "Bringing honesty and integrity into local politics" - there's a laugh. These people change sides whenever it suits them in order to hold on to POWER.