Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Can't get no satisfaction

I am a member of a small group of Councillors and officers who are looking at the reputation of Wigan Council and what opinion the public has towards the organisation.

One very interesting issue arose from the following statistics.

In 2006 3000 residents were asked about satisfaction levels with the Council generally and particular services. Here are some examples of the statistics from the survey:

90% were satisfied with the standard of the refuse collection - provided by Wigan Council.
70% were satisfied with satisfied with the recycling programme - provided by Wigan Council
84% were satisfied with the way planning applications were handled - a service provided by Wigan Council.

And yet only 50% thought that Wigan Council was doing a good job overall.

So the question is: Why are people very happy with the individual services that Wigan Council provides and yet when residents are asked to comment about Wigan Council overall the satisfaction rate plummets?

I would be interested in any views my reader may have about this issue.

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