Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Stubshaw Cross residents meeting

One of the main issues to come out of tonight's meeting was the group's aim to transform the derelict land on Bolton Road by the Labour Club into what it was like years ago ie a park with a garden for residents to use and even erect a Stubshaw cross.

This project highlights how frustrating things can be for Councillors and residents when they want to improve their environment. The land in question is overgrown and an eyesore. There is a group of residents backed by myself who are keen to improve it. One resident in particular has found funding sources to see these improvements happen. However,the group has been waiting for a reply from the landowner's agents as to who owns the land for about a year now but has heard nothing. The group has even asked MP Ian McCartney to intervene. The problem is that the landowner ( or who we think is the landowner) has not yet given permission for any work to take place and until this permission is given no funder will touch this project.

It is a question of watch this space.

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