Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Campaigining against the proposed development on South Lancs industrial estate - an update

Last Thursday I attended a meeting at Stubshaw Cross Labour Club organised by M.A.D. to oppose the proposed development on the South Lancs. industrial estate. I thought the presentation given by the group at the beginning of the evening was excellent and a very interesting discussion then followed. I re-iterated my opposition to the proposed development and supported M.A.D.'s campaign.

The following day Julian Sorfleet the Chairman on M.A.D. handed over a petition to our MP Ian McCartney calling for the Linen and Woollen Charity to re-consider their decision to sell the land they owned to the developers Patrick Properties - see picture above. This petition has been sent to the Charity.


Julian said...

I would like to point out that any photograph of the M.A.D team is not linked to the labour party politically (the photo that is onscreen was taken as we handed the petition over to our local MP) and at no time must any photograph of the M.A.D team be used in a political campaign..

Julian Sorfleet (Chair) MAD

Anonymous said...

Too late Julian.
What did you expect standing next to a Labour MP,a Labour councillor,and two Labour Candidates?
Are you really so na`ive?