Thursday, 8 February 2007

The Post Office network - the future

On Monday the Overview and Scrutiny committee of which I am a member is going to hear the views of two representatives of the National Federation of Sub-Postmasters regarding the future of Post Offices in England and Wales.

Post offices are facing a long term challenge from online services, e-mail, phone and internet banking, direct debit and text messaging. People are increasingly choosing to live their lives in different ways. Some 4 million fewer people are using their post office each week than two years ago. The network lost £2 million every single week last year, rising to £4 million this year.

The National Federation of Subpostmasters and the all - party Trade and Industry Select Committee have recognised that the current size of the network of over 14,000 offices is unsustainable. Different approaches must be adopted to meet the needs of the public in the future

The Government is currently holding a consultation exercise for people to have their say about the future of the Post Office network. Monday's meeting is a part of the consultation exercise.

If you have any questions or comments about how you would like post offices to operate in the future or if you would like to contribute to the consultation process please contact me.

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