Saturday, 17 March 2007

Flooding problems behind Windsor Road

I have been working with residents of Windsor Road who have been having trouble with flooding in the alley behind their houses which, they claim, has never happened before the new housing development on the old factory site was built.

I have tried several times to find a solution to this problem. At first McInerney Homes said that they would fix the problem through some sort of drainage system - that was last September. Now recently I read in the press that they have totally washed their hands of the problem, claiming that the area has always flooded when it rains heavily. Well that is not what the residents are telling me.

What I will be asking McInerney Homes is:
What has happened between last September and now?
Why have they changed their attitude to this problem in six months?

I will report on any progress made with this issue in a future blog.

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