Sunday, 25 March 2007

Unadopted roads and the Brighter Borough scheme

Unadopted roads are a cause of many complaints from the public to local Councillors

For historical reasons, often long forgotten, these roads have not been adopted by Wigan Council and as a result they are unmade or in a poor condition and cannot be maintained to any standard. Residents of these roads are understandably annoyed because they pay the same Council Tax as everyone else but do not get the same services. For its part Wigan Council will not maintain these streets because by doing so would set a precedent costing the Wigan council tax payer millions of pounds.

In the past I have tried to help residents of unadopted roads by funding materials used to fill in potholes from my Brighter Borough funding.

One such group is featured in the photo above.It shows a group of residents in Ladysmith Avenue in front of a large pothole full of water - one of many in their street. In the near future these residents together with their neighbours will be filling in the potholes with materials funded from my Brighter Borough money.

I hope to have an 'after' photo when the work is completed.

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