Sunday, 25 March 2007

Ruddy Ducks - special Council meeting

Last week I attended a special meeting of the Council called by the Community Action Party and their allies to discuss the cull of the ruddy duck. It was a one item agenda and we were there to debate four motions put by the official leader of the opposition Councillor Peter Franzen. The opposition were objecting to the fact that Wigan Council were allowing Defra, a government agency, on to their land to cull the ducks.There was an announcement before the meeting that the cull had been postponed until September. Despite this the meeting went ahead and it was agreed by all parties to support the postponement. Councillor Franzen then went on the final motion which asked Defra to confirm or deny a report that he had received from an unknown source high up in Government that a deal had been done by the British Government with the Spanish Government to cull the duck in relation to the Iraq war. This was voted down and had the result of uniting the Labour and Tories in their opposition. The meeting lasted about two and half hours.

I did not receive one single comment from residents of my ward about this matter.


Steve W said...

Well heres a comment. Why is this man wasting taxpayers money to pursue his party political monomania? Havent the council better things to discuss at meetings such as putting more investment into Ashton or improved policing?

Anonymous said...

I Presume sir that you don`t believe in allowing Mother Nature to handle its own affairs. You should think yourself lucky that you were not born a Ruddy Duck... What next to shoot? Dogs? Cats? Opposition Councillors?