Monday, 2 April 2007

The Beat it Team - next visit April 16-20th

Wigan Council's Beat it team is next due to be in Ashton from 16th to 20th April. If you know of any area that needs cleaning up please contact me on this blog or phone 736216


Anonymous said...

The Play area and Rigby's Lane footpath leading from Walford Road/Dunsdale Drive is covered in litter again. The main reason for this is people walking home from Ashton after a "good night out" with their by now,empty fast food containers and just dump them in gardens and the park/footpath. The real culprit's are the fast food vendors in Ashton, they should be required to pay very high levels of Council tax so that WBMC can employ more litter pickers/ street cleaners ( or even put them out of business as the community at large gets no benefit from these outlets).

This area of Ashton has yet to
receive green wheelie bins, the reason given by the council is they ran out of money 2005/2006 financial year. What, I ask, are they doing with all the tax they receive from the houses in this area alone never mind the rest of the town.
Finally your blog on footpath's is interesting as the footpath from Orchard St/Belvedere Road(Bolton Rd)and Dunsdale Drive has been blocked off by a fence erected by a householder next to the Orchard St entrance to the path. Is this a public right of way, if so, surely it is illegal to close off a public footpath?

Cllr Nigel Ash said...

Thank you for your comments.

On the issue of litter on the footpath I will report this to the Council.

On the issue of the green bins you will read in an earlier blog that 16,000 extra green bins are to be introduced in the Borough from the end of April and I would expect the Belvedere Estate to be getting them
in due course - something I have been demanding for several months now.

Finally on the issue of the footpath I have received several enquiries about this issue - not all of them against. The facts are as follows:
1. the footpath was not in Council ownership
2. the footpath was never adopted as a public right of way - I have been told that the builder who owned the land went bankrupt before this could happen
3. I believe that the land in question is in private ownership and therefore what happens to it is a private matter.
4. To establish that this is a public footpath action an application has to be made to Wigan Council.It would have to be shown that the footpath was in use for twenty years. For further information you would need to contact as footpaths officer at Wigan Council

I hope that this answers your queries

Anonymous said...