Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Where have all the posters gone?

There were lots of Community Action posters on the bridge on Bryn Street in Ashton Town Centre up until today but they have all disappeared.

Is there a reason for this? Could it be that CAP has acted upon the complaints I have received that these lurid yellow posters are spoiling the town centre.

I think we should be told.


Yellow Jester said...

Perhaps they were erected without proper permission from the site owner, who wasn't very happy about it?

Anonymous said...

Lurid Yellow? Like the lurid yellow daffodils all over the place,Or the lurid yellow sun that brightens up the day.. Maybe its just the BLACK writing thats reduced you to gutter politics...are you so afraid that you have to resort to to such childish remarks? Is this the start of the smear tactics that you used to get rid of Peter Franzen with your 22 councillors and 3 MP`s swamping Golborne? Wait till the BNP get the teeth into you our Nigel....You won`t have time to pick on decent people like Joanne when they get going.....Ray Davies,

crossbencher said...

Hi Nigel

I have never voted Labour, but I do have a certain amount of respect for you and Ann, however at the end of the day you are a Labour councilor and at times there will be a divergence between the majority party policy and the interests of Ashton/Bryn.

How many times have you voted defying the party whip? Also would you be prepared to leave the Labour in the interests of Ashton/Bryn. Please don't patronise, you know there are issues already and will be future issues that when this can happen.

A case in point is your election leaflet, surely you would have been happier using a local printer?

Can I take the opportunity to complain about the big yellow and red posters in Bolton Road. (joking, I take it you were )

I would like to add Labour, Conservative, CAP or Independent are all preferable to BNP


Debbie said...


I am sorry, but I like to see all these different posters around the Town, it shows that people are now getting more passionate about their areas.

I did seem to remember that a big policy of Labours was to get the community more involved in the running of their Townships which would encourage more people to vote?

As I have always said (and I am not saying that this is the case with central government, but mainly about our local council), you cannot just say these things and not fully take on board that everyone has a right to think in different ways and people cannot be bullied anymore.

I am very disapointed at your comment Nigel, and I would say this to every other councillor, if we spent more time working together, and not nit picking about things that really dont matter then we would have a Town to be proud of.

& finally, if I was standing I too would look at all areas to put my posters up that, I think shows initative!

Anonymous said...

debbie,you are correct in saying township forums were a labour idea,but the cat was let out of the bag in scholes last year when a township manager left a confidential council document behind which stated 'local community groups etc should be kept out of the decision making process as much as possible' this just shows their utter contempt for the people of local communities

kind regards mick dorset