Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Another clean up in Ashton

Some members of the local Labour Party took some time out last Saturday to remove some litter from the area around Turnill Drive.

If you know of any area in Ashton that needs cleaning up please contact me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nigel

It is me again, independent thought.

I must say that at one time the Council would have the man power to do this without having to resort to the use of volunteers. It is a little more than concerning that as a New Labour Councillor, you have sat over the destruction of our services and then you pick up a few bits of rubbish and then tell us that you have done a good job. Do you really think that the people of Ashton will fall for this ???

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. Litter in off-road areas is a great problem in Ashton, as it is elsewhere. It's great to see some ACTION instead of people walking past it.

Anonymous said...

As stated earlier I went out myself with my kids and picked up two bags of rubbish. Rather alot of stuff comes from the fast food shops. Maybe we should charge a higher rate of tax so we can pay for the clear up or shut them down. Seems to me we did ok years ago with 2 chippies in Ashton. Now we have loads of places selling the same rubbish. Or provide more bins.