Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Progress report on the Ashton sewer scheme

The first part of the scheme to resolve sewer flooding in Ashton has been completed. Work has been successfully completed in Bryn Road South and Alexander Road and the tunnelling work at Hilton Street and Hodnet Drive is almost complete - no doubt to the relief of the residents of those two streets. Re-surfacing will begin soon once the plans have been discussed with Wigan Council's Engineering Department.

Approximately three weeks work remains to complete work in Bolton Road.

The second phase in Princess Road will commence in mid February once Transco have carried out some gas main diversion. The works here will last for several months. The target date for completion of the whole project is mid May 2007 when the site cabins will be removed from Orchard Street. It will be then that the Town Green residents group will be able to put their plans into action to improve the area.

United Utilities have promised to write to all residents who are effected by this work to give them precise details of what will be happening in their area.

Please contact me if you wish any more information about this subject.

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