Thursday, 8 February 2007

Beat it team - results of the last clean up

I list below the areas that were cleaned up and the amount of rubbish removed as a result of the Beat it team's visit to Ashton. Thanks to everybody who let me know about local grot spots. Please contact me if there are other areas that you think need attention.

Turnhill Drive

Grassed area at the end of the road. Litter picked.0.25 tonnes removed.
Peter Street
Beginning of footpath leading to Lincoln Drive. Large amount of litter removed including dumped wood, a television and a bike frame. 1.00 tonne removed.
Heath Road
Side of the Eagle and Child pub. Litter picked and overgrowth cut back. 0.25 tonnes removed
Liverpool Road footpath through to Old Road
Litter picked. Leaves and wood removed. 1.50 tonnes removed
Captain’s Lane Footpath and land/car park to the rear of the YMCA
Large amount of litter picking completed. Wood and trees removed. 2.00 tonnes removed
Hilton Street Car park
Litter picked and removed also broken glass. 0.25 tonnes removed
Gerard Street Around the Job Centre
Litter picked. 20 refuse bags filled.


Steve W said...

Well done, Wigan Council! Amazing (and sad) how much litter people drop. The grassed area on Turnhill Drive is a regular problem - I think much of the mess comes from the Gerard Centre, besides the usual fast food detritus. Another grot spot is Mill Street. The old railings there need removing, and there is litter trapped in the grass below them.

Anonymous said...

I dont know how long ago the rubbish was removed, but behind Peter Street is starting to build up again. Also the litter on the path from York Road to Mill Street is a disgrace. My kids and I pickup up two bags of rubbish and there was still loads left. The problem I see here is a lack of bins provided. Two at the shop on Mill St. and not a single bin until you get into Ashton.

Cllr Nigel Ash said...

Thank you for your comment and I appreciate the work you are doing to keep that area tidy.

Perhaps you could suggest places where bins might be sited and I will pass your suggestions on to Wigan Council.

Nigel Ash