Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Golborne Road / Bolton Road junction

Readers of this blog will remember that there was a plan to create a pedestrian refuge at the top of Golborne Road and narrow the same road so that there would be only one lane going into Bolton Road. Some concern was expressed about this plan and as a result I held a site visit with an officer of the Council and expressed these concerns to him i.e. the narrowing of the road would create longer tail backs on Golborne Road and general safety concerns about the position of the pedestrian refuge.

The officer has promised that the will look at the proposed plan again with these in mind and will report back to me.

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Anonymous said...

They (GMPTE) just need to find an alternative route to the 620 service they disgustingly culled now.

Do you vote for a congestion charge in return for added investment in public transport : NO (and I may well stand as a Councillor for 2009 on such an issue as the public are clearly having the wool pulled over their eyes on this one) ;)