Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Millingford Grove - good news bad news

With the present regeneration of Ashton town centre I have been campaigning for the upgrading of Millingford Grove which I believe should be an integral part of any Ashton town centre improvement for the following reasons:

1. This road is in the middle of Ashton the third biggest township in the borough and is in a terrible state of repair.

2. The Council has just spent hundreds of thousands of pounds in Ashton town centre in order to improve the appearance of the town centre. Ian McCartney has launched a campaign Ashton Forward which aims to regenerate the town centre. This road does nothing to enhance the appearance of the centre - in fact the opposite. To adopt this road would complement the good work that has been, and hopefully will be done in the town to attract inward investment and to make it a thriving centre

The good news was that on 21st August 2008 the Cabinet considered Millingford Grove for reconstruction works as part of the Council's private street works strategy. It scored well against the assessment criteria. The bad news was that it was the view of Cabinet that Pennington Avenue, Leigh was the street that best met the Council's aspirations.

It was very encouraging that Millingford Grove was in the top three of streets in the whole of the Borough to be considered for reconstruction and I will continue to press for it to be upgraded.

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Anonymous said...

Well done for trying to get Millingford Road upgraded. In its present state it really is a carbuncle on the face of Bryn Street, BUT
"Pennington Avenue, Leigh was the street that best met the Council's aspirations".
So just what are the Council's aspirations regarding the private street works strategy? One street to be upgraded per financial year? That's really aiming high! At that rate we should have all private streets in the borough brought up to standard in about two centuries. I hope they aren't being too ambitious, or reckless with taxpayers' money.