Thursday, 9 October 2008

60 today

I can't believe it but I am 60 today. (How did that happen?) So I thought I would look at what happened in the year of my birth 1948.

I found that there were a lot of events that occurred in 1948 that have shaped our present day. The National Health was created and the railways were nationalised. The first supermarket in Britain was opened and world's first computer ran its first programme. The treaty of Brussels was signed and the first comprehensive school was opened. ( see full list of events below)

Things that I have not had time to find out are as follows and I would like help with are:

1. The average cost of a house

2. The average wage

3. What it would cost to feed a family of four.

4. How much it would cost to buy a car

5. How much it would cost to travel to Wigan or Manchester from Ashton

And anything else. Please feel free to contribute any fact about that year.


• 1 January - British Rail created when the government nationalises the railway industry.[1]
• 4 January - Burma gains its independence from the United Kingdom.[2]
• 12 January - The London Co-operative Society opens Britain's first supermarket, in Manor Park, London.[3]
• 30 January–8 February - Great Britain and Northern Ireland compete at the 1948 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and win 2 bronze medals.
• 4 February - Ceylon (later renamed Sri Lanka) becomes independent within the British Commonwealth.[4] King George VI becomes King of Ceylon.
• 17 March - Britain signs the Treaty of Brussels with Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.[5]
• 14 May - The murder of a three-year-old girl in Blackburn leads to the fingerprinting of more than 40,000 men in the city in an attempt to find the murderer.
• 21 June - Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine, the world's first stored-program computer, ran its first program.[5]
• 22 June
o the ship Empire Windrush arrives in Britain with 500 Jamaican immigrants.[1]
o An order in council removes the title of Emperor of India from the Royal Style and Titles, recognising the independence of India in 1947.
• 5 July - The National Health Service is founded, giving Britons the right to universal healthcare, free at point of use.[1]
• 15 July - First London chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous.[5]
• 25 July - End of Post-War bread rationing.[3]
• 29 July–14 August
o 1948 Summer Olympics held in London.[1]
o Great Britain and Northern Ireland win 3 gold, 14 silver and 6 bronze medals at the London Olympics.
• 30 July - Gas Boards created as the government nationalises the gas industry.[3]
• 18 August - Jockey Lester Piggott, aged 12, wins his first race at Haydock Park Racecourse.[5]
• September - The first comprehensive schools open in Potters Bar and Hillingdon.[3]
• 6 September - Flying the de Havilland DH 108, John Derry becomes the first British pilot to break the sound barrier.[5]
• October - The Morris Minor and Land Rover both go on sale.[3]
• 8 November- The King issues Letters Patent granting the title of Prince or Princess of the United Kingdom, with the style Royal Highness, to the children of The Duke of Edinburgh and The Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh.
• December - Patrick Blackett wins the Nobel Prize in Physics "for his development of the Wilson cloud chamber method, and his discoveries therewith in the fields of nuclear physics and cosmic radiation".[6]
• 10 December - T. S. Eliot wins the Nobel Prize in Literature "for his outstanding, pioneer contribution to present-day poetry".[7]


Anonymous said...

Happy 60th Nigal enjoy!
As a matter of other Local Interest
I recently visited St Thomas's Cemetary and noted on the war memorial ' Pte Wm Keneally VC Lancashire Reg .and following a little research found he resided in Ashton . Born in Wexford 26 December 1886 Won the VC for his heroic action at Cape Helles Gallipoli 25 April 1915 and died in Ashton on 29 June 1915. The only worthy note of him is in St Thomas's Church Yard I thought there may have been some other note of him in his " Home Town " but we do not even have a Street named after in any Wigan district.
I would appreciate any further information on him from a Local historian
Again trust you enjoyed your big 60

Frank Hughes

Anonymous said...

It's time for Our Nigel to make his own history and not hide behind the Labour Blanket come on Nigel be a Man and make your own history by yourself you can really make a difference and take all the credit stand forward my son one day you'll be a man.

Anonymous said...


I think you meant "died in action" on June 29, 1915 (two months after his conduct which awarded him the VC).

I agree with you that it is a shame that no street or landmark has been named after him. Surely it's not too late?

For more information on him see

Cllr Nigel Ash said...

I have received the following information from the local British Legion

Every Remembrance Day his great-great nephew parades the VC at our two ceremonies - he is one of our members (Mick Kenealy the window cleaner) Melvyn Lee salutes the VC before commencing the parade at the war memorial on Wigan Road The VC was one of 6 awarded to the Fusiliers during the storming of the beach in which they lost half of the Battalion. Military men refer to these medals as 'the six before breakfast.

There are plenty of web sites that can tell you more if you need.Just type in ' 6 VCs before breakfast' and you will find plenty of sites for further information.