Saturday, 4 October 2008

620 - the campaign begins

Now that Arriva has decided to continue with the 620 service our Use it or Lose it campaign will continue with Labour Councillors over the next few months making people and agencies in Ashton, Abram and Hindley aware of the situation regarding this service

For the photo( see above)it was pleasing that myself and the two Labour councillors from Hindley, Jim Talbot and Jim Churton, were joined by members of the public and representatives of the local Hospice and a representative and service users of Amberswood wanting to play an active role in our campaign. In the coming months we are looking forward to working with them and other groups who want to help in our campaign.

Please contact me if you want a copy of the new timetable in operation from 13th October.


Anonymous said...

Well, the new service has started...It goes past my house at 5 minutes to the hour. followed by the 320 six minutes later...Two things wrong so far....One ...last bus is 5 to five so if your at the hospice after 5 pm its shanks pony..second ..its got saints players plastered all over it!!! red rag to a Warriors fan.. but then what can you expect? it is run by Mersey Arriva and not our own GMPTE>>>>>Good start Nigel but count me OUT!!

terence price said...

i will use it if it goes back to atherton and u will use it even more if it goes baxk to bolton