Monday, 6 October 2008

RareTara - Residents and Tenants group

Another group which seems to be flourishing is RareTara and whose monthly meeting I attended recently.

The group was set up at the end of May 2008 The committee members are as follows:

Chairperson (Mr Julian Sorfleet)

Secretary (Mr David Brown)

Treasurer (Miss Judith Jones)

Vice Chair (Mr Ian Brown)

Vice Secretary ( Mrs Julie Deluce)

Vice Treasurer (Mrs Sheila Brown)

They are looking forward to improving both Riding Lane Estate & Recreation Avenue Estate, working alongside Stubshaw Cross Residents Group and Wigan & Leigh Housing. Their aims are to promote the spirit of the community and to help tackle antisocial problems by encouraging youngsters/teenagers to partake in sporting and leisure activities, hosting fun days along with events for the elderly tenants and residents on both estates.

I was very impressed at the meeting with the progress they had made especially to help young people, some of whom were present a the meeting.

In the picture above (taken from the raretara website - I hope there are no copyright issues) are residents, Councillors and representatives of Wigan and Leigh Housing who were present at the monthly meeting.

You can contact Raretara on

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