Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Beware - poster thief

Some sad individual or individuals has/have been stealing and destroying our Labour posters. It reminds me of my student days.

I would offer a reward for their return but the party is so hard up we can't afford it. So if anyone knows where these posters have gone I would be grateful for any information. The reward is a personally signed copy of my election leaflet. I have contacted the police and a Sergeant B. Stickers has been assigned to the case.

And on the subject of the colour of the CAP poster the words 'lurid yellow' were used by the person who complained to me. I don't think the posters are lurid yellow or turgid yellow or even motorway jacket yellow. I think they are just yellow.


Debbie said...

I hope to see many of your posters around the Town Nigel, as I have said, I think that it shows that the people here care and are very passionate.

Anonymous said...

Mick Dorset here,(winstanley)ripping down election posters is illegal under election law apparently, I only found this out after I saw a sitting labour councillor in winstanley tear down a community action poster at the shops and i reported it to the cap candidate when i saw him, he has since informed me that if i see her removing any more election material from anything other than her own party i am to report it to the police, so i would urge all others to do the same and not let anti democratic bigots win

Anonymous said...

sorry i forgot to mention it was last year i saw her do it

mick dorset