Saturday, 8 May 2010

Those local election results in full


Nigel Ash - Labour - 2,208

Joanne Bradley - CAP - 1,980

Malcolm Childs - Conservative - 571

Barry Longstaffe - BNP - 352

Frank Merry - Independent - 574

Total 5,685 - 62.88% of the electorate

I would like to express my sincere thanks to everybody who supported me in this election. I promise that I will continue to work hard for all the residents in Ashton.


Kenneth Haslam BNP 531

Brian Merry Independent 1,697

Ann Rampling Labour 2,274

Joseph Sheedy Conservative 525

Kevin Williams CAP 609

Total 5,636 62.17% of the electorate


crossbencher said...

Hi Nigel
It seems the general election is not finished yet.
Whatever the outcome proportional representation in some form is on the cards.
What are your views?
The picture in the Wigan area would have been much differnt with say a single transferable vote. You would in all probability, not have been elected with the combined Independent/CAP vote. Only the most blinkered would not accept this would have been the case. A simlilar scenario would have happened in Bryn, only Independent gaining the seat.
As things stand you have been returned on a minority of the popular vote and congratulations are in order.

Debbie said...

I am just back from a 2 week holiday (I did do a proxy vote before I went and voted 3 different ways) I am pleased to see that you have retained your position Nigel and I hope that things will continue to change in our Town for the better.

I think that this election has shown that if people are motivated enough they will demand a better service from our councillors and MP's, I really hope that people have learnt from their mistakes in the past and will now treat the electorate with the respect that they deserve.

Congratulations also to Ann.

Anonymous said...

Nigel. I will comtinue to be one of your blog followers for the next four years and will continue my policy of praising you when you do something I like and criticising you when you fall short.
So please try harder to please me.
As for the result crossbencher was right insomuch as if Independent had not been so stubborn as to oppose Joanne then Paul would not have contested Bryn and neither you nor Ann would have won....Serves them right...Obviously the general election was the main reason for your win but I do applaud your crafty move on the morning of the election which was a clincher....Well done for that....Ray Davies (ex-CAP supporter)

Cllr Nigel Ash said...


Thanks for your comments
How did you vote 3 ways? - I thought there were only two elections


Thanks for these comments. I am not sure what the crafty move was.

debbie said...

I meant, 1 x local MP, 1 x councillor and 1 x Prime Minister.

I was going to say that you may also have had the odd glass too many, but when I thought about it I voted 2 ways, and was probably the one that actually liked Mr Brown and hopefully all that he stood for...
Anyway Nigel.. you actually must have worked really hard to get your message across..although I didn't see anyone on my doorstep which I would have liked..but please continue to talk to people of all persuasions because you will never know who put their trust in you...don't let us down!

Anonymous said...

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