Sunday, 9 May 2010

Unashamed triumphalism - black day for Labour


I am still coming down from the results on Friday. I have rarely experienced a political event like Friday's count and I will probably never experience one like it again in my lifetime.

The Labour Party won 10 seats and now holds 51 out of the 75 seats on the Council. We actually won in 23 out of the 24 seats up for election.

Added to these fantastic results Labour is now again in control of St Helens and Liverpool.

According to some sections of the press Thursday was a dark day for Labour.

Not here it wasn't.


Debbie said...

As I have mentioned before, please enjoy the moment as you must all fully deserve it, and I mean everyone from all political view points, but don't...please don't...go back to the politics of 6 years ago when I feel that the local Labour Party were arrogant and didn't lesten to the concerns of the local electorate, I don't think that you have to agree with everyone's view point, but you have to acknowledge that everyone has a right to one.

Anonymous said...

debbie, have you ever been to a council meeting? it really is an eye opener ,especially when it comes to a vote, if lord smith votes no then all the labour group have to follow suit, they might as well replace them with muppets - it would be a lot cheaper as they are obviously not allowed to think for themselves and make their own minds up as it has already been done for them,

dave bloom, ashton

Debbie said...

Hi Dave

Yes I have been to a council meeting, I was actually asked to leave as I asked Peter Smith a question from the gallery with regard to the closure of Mere Oaks school. (I wanted to know where the money was going to be spent from the sale of the land!!) Needless to say I never did get an answer but I got a flavour of what it is all about!!