Tuesday, 30 January 2007

South Lancs Industrial Estate - Cabinet defers decision to dispose of Council owned land

One of the big issues in Ashton at the moment is a proposed development on the South Lancs Industrial Estate. Patrick Properties, the developers, want to build new units and a road that will connect the units to existing highways. Their first proposal was to join the road on to Bolton Road by the Riding Lane estate - this plan has been scrapped. They now want to build the road going in the other direction, joining the A49 past Bryn lights. A well organised campaign has been mounted by a group of residents calling themselves M.A.D. - they have their own website - who have regularly been in the town centre on a Saturday putting their case against the development. The local Labour party has also done a survey of local residents and found that 99 per cent of those canvassed were against the scheme.

Last Thursday the Cabinet of Wigan MBC was to decide whether to dispose of Council owned land adjoining the South Lancs Industrial Estate which Patrick Properties want to build part of the development on. The Cabinet have decided to defer consideration of this matter to a future meeting to enable Officers to consider objections received to this proposal.

As a local Councillor I asked for this deferment because, in short, I do not believe that this development will be of any great benefit to the people I represent.

If you would like any more information or want to put forward your point of view please contact me


Anonymous said...

On the news stand in front of our local shop were the words “Council goes Green”. This news stand is less than 50 yards away from an area of green land that the council want to develop into an Industrial Estate!

Just two days later the news stand read: “ Ashton Traffic Fears Over Access Road”. The report was about the proposed road leading to the Industrial Estate!

We are told that WMBC is working in partnership with the developers , Patrick Properties. WHY is the council not working in partnership with the residents of the area?

Council officer Peter Rowlinson was recently quoted in a WEP article as saying “When or if an application is submitted we will test it against the policies set out in the UDP”.

Even a quick glance at the UDP shows that the Industrial Estate expansion contravenes many policies. So test it NOW and stop wasting our money by “ working in partnership” with developers.

Anonymous said...

Well said! our new labour council is allways wasting our money and has no right to negotiate with developers without telling the residents and therefore council tax payers exactly what it is up to. Or would they like us to withhold our payments as they do with information. Kick Patrick properties in touch now before they are allowed to ruin Ashton by our own councillors

Anonymous said...

Why dont you just get the developers to build a link road to the M6 and pay for the access at 24 to be opened up both ways. This will reduce much or all of the heavy goods wagons going through Ashton. If they dont want to pay for that tell them to go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

The comments about a link road from junction 24 are clearly sent by someone who has little knowledge of the area, the traffic around there at the best of times is horrendous if the person who wrote this cares for the area in and around Bryn/Landgate Ashton/Stubshaw Cross they would not want ANY EXPANSION. my suggestion is wake up and smell the coffee. Its not just about the traffic the ecological effects in the area will be felt for many generations to come. As the MAD group so rightly put ASHTON SAYS NO im 100% behind them