Thursday, 11 September 2008


In a recent letter to the Wigan Evening News regarding the withdrawal of the 620 bus service Hindley Councillor Jim Ellis states 'only Mr McCartney and Ashton councillors were consulted and had been involved in negotiations' about the withdrawal.

I can't speak for the other Ashton Councillors but this is news to me. Arriva (the bus company involved) have never contacted me about the route.As far as I am aware they just withdrew it. Furthermore, if Councillor Ellis read my blog he will see that on the 19th August I was asking people to support a resident who was opposing the withdrawal of the route.

I would like to challenge Councillor Ellis to tell me when these supposed negotiations took place and who was present at the meeting or meetings.

He is welcome to use my blog to post his answer.


Anonymous said...

Cllr Ellis clearly doesn't have a clue Nigel. Perhaps if he represented his ward, as you did when I first contacted you about this, then he would have been involved in any consultations. That said, Cllr Aldred represents Wigan on the PTE Transport Network Committee and didn't see fit to consult with anyone either.

The campaign still goes on. I'm trawling through lots of info from an FOI request to see an opening as to how this decision may be reversed, and I understand this route will again be discussed later this week.

Let's hope Cllr Aldred actually stands up for Wiganers this time, and expresses the depth of feeling this issue has created.

Anonymous said...

clearly Mr ASH doesnt have any idea and doesn't represent his ward I think that the person who should be represent Wigan on this issue makes a good job oh i forgot its Cllr Aldred our next mayor if he gets it wrong he should resign from being the mayor next year.

Anonymous said...

I take back my remark regarding Cllr. Aldred from my initial reply. It was only after seeing the minutes from the PTA meeting in August that Cllr. Aldred had in fact sent his apologies for this meeting.

I am happy to place this apology on record.

Cllr. Ash has worked admirably, together with others, including Cllr. Aldred to get this service restored (see the post from 27 September and related comments).