Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I dreamt I was watching Sky TV this morning and that according to one of the latest opinion polls the Labour Party could be the largest party in a hung Parliament on Friday.

I woke up and found it was actually true.


GentleGiant said...

It was a dream after all Nigel.

Anonymous said...

more of a nightmare perhaps Nigel...Anyway,On the local front congratulations on just about persuading enough voters to give this blog another 4 years of life as we know it.I,me sure you agree that Joanne was a worthy opponent and came second with a great deal of honour....Nothing to say about the other candidates except that they saved your bacon to be sure....Ray..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nigel, It was a great night for Labour. I think a lot turned out from Stubshaw Cross, maybe it was in response to the 700 CAP leaflets delivered around Stubshie by Ray?